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Legal Compliance

Wreckdock Group provides products and services in many countries, taking into account applicable laws, regulations and good practice standards. Our values ​​and code of conduct are the foundation of what is needed to ensure compliance with applicable rules. Following our own code of conduct is the guarantee of a sound conduct, both internally towards our employees and externally towards all our relations.

Wreckdock Group does not tolerate bribery, corruption, fraud, violations of trade sanctions, anti-money laundering or anti-competition laws, or any other illegal or unethical conduct by anyone working for or on behalf of the company.

We will ensure compliance with all applicable international and national recycling and waste regulations. We can arrange import and/or export of wastes following the Basel Convention and the European Waste Shipment Regulation (1013/2006).

The Significance of Obtaining Full Company Details for Compliance Procedures in Business

Within our organization, we have fostered a strong culture of compliance, where every member of our staff understands their individual and collective responsibility in upholding regulatory standards. Our Compliance Department within Wreckdock, situated at the core of our operations, oversees and manages compliance activities on a global scale. We maintain well-established policies and procedures to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, supported by a robust governance structure. 

To continuously enhance our compliance efforts, we engage in an annual consultation exercise with external legal experts across more than 30 countries where we maintain a physical presence. This exercise allows us to align our global compliance program with specific local requirements in the jurisdictions where we operate, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of compliance on a global scale. This commitment demonstrates our dedication to continual improvement and ensures that our compliance practices remain consistent with the evolving regulatory landscape.

In today's highly regulated business landscape, ensuring compliance with various legal, financial, and ethical standards has become paramount. One crucial aspect of Wreckdock's compliance is obtaining and verifying the full company details of potential partners, clients, and suppliers.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Meeting legal and regulatory requirements is essential to avoid legal consequences, penalties, and reputational damage. By obtaining full company details, we gain insights into the legal structure, ownership, and operational aspects of their counterparts. This information aids in assessing the regulatory compliance of potential partners, ensuring they adhere to laws related to trade, finance, taxation, and environmental standards.

Risk Mitigation

Uncovering the complete company details enables us to conduct thorough risk assessments, mitigating potential hazards associated with their partners. By understanding the financial health, creditworthiness, and operational history of a company, organizations can make informed decisions regarding risk exposure. This knowledge reduces the chances of engaging in fraudulent or high-risk transactions that can lead to financial losses or damaged business relationships.

Due Diligence

Obtaining comprehensive company details allows all stakeholders in the industry to perform due diligence, ensuring the legitimacy and credibility of their counterparts. Thoroughly vetting potential partners minimizes the risk of associating with entities involved in illegal activities, such as money laundering, fraud, or corruption. It also helps prevent collusion with companies that might have a dubious reputation, safeguarding the business's ethical standing.

Building Trust and Transparancy

Transparency and trust form the foundation of successful and sustainable business relationships. By willingly sharing full company details, organizations demonstrate their commitment to open and honest dealings. This transparency fosters trust among partners, clients, and stakeholders, attracting reputable entities that value compliance and ethical business practices. Trustworthy business partnerships create long-lasting collaborations that contribute to overall growth and success.

Enhanced Reputation

In today's interconnected world, a company's reputation holds immense value. By ensuring compliance through the acquisition of complete company details, we safeguard our own reputation and protect against potential reputational risks. Demonstrating a commitment to adhering to regulatory requirements and engaging with reputable partners enhances the image of the business, positioning it as a trusted and reliable entity in the industry.


Obtaining full company details is not just a compliance formality; it is a necessary step for prudent business operations between Wreckdock and her partners. By acquiring comprehensive information about partners, clients, and suppliers, organizations can navigate the complex regulatory landscape, mitigate risks, build trust, and maintain a stellar 

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