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Register today in the early investment round of a new ERA in sustainable ship dismantling and recycling!

Introducing an exceptional investment opportunity.
Secure your financial future with a minimum investment of $250,000 USD and receive a 12% annual return over a duration of 3 years.


The Problem

Around a thousand ocean-going commercial vessels reach the end of their service life each year. While until the 1970’s ships were dismantled mainly in Europe and the United States, when social and environmental protection laws became stricter, the industry shifted to areas where legal frameworks are weaker. Today the vast majority of ships are broken on only three beaches in South Asia.

As the world of investing continues to evolve, savvy individuals are constantly seeking alternative opportunities that promise attractive returns while reducing dependence on traditional sectors like real estate. We proudly introduce vessel recycling, a compelling option that brings together sustainability and profitability for forward-thinking investors.

Safe & Sustainable

We ensure that the entire recycling process of your ship or maritime structure meets the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment.
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The Vision

To be the world leader in responsible vessel dismantling and recycling. This by respecting the rules and regulations for Human Rights to protect our employees from danger during their labor and to work in the most ethical way possible to guarantee a sustainable environment by avoiding pollution during the dismantling and recycling procedures of a life ending vessel.

Why Choose Vessel Recycling
Over Real Estate?

While real estate has long been a cornerstone of investment portfolios, diversification across asset classes has become increasingly important to mitigate risk. Vessel recycling presents a unique opportunity to diversify your investment holdings, creating a well-balanced and resilient portfolio.

Sustainable Investments:
In an era of environmental consciousness, investing in vessel recycling allows real estate investors to align their financial goals with their sustainable values. By supporting the eco-friendly dismantling and recycling of old ships, you actively contribute to the reduction of marine pollution and promote the circular economy.

Global Demand for Ship Recycling:
The global demand for ship recycling is steadily rising, driven by the need to replace aging vessels and comply with stringent environmental regulations. This demand offers an opportunity for astute investors to capitalize on a growing industry with untapped potential, yielding substantial returns for years to come.

Profit Potential:
Vessel recycling offers an attractive financial proposition. As the global fleet expands and regulations tighten, shipowners increasingly rely on professional recycling facilities to responsibly retire their aging vessels. By investing in vessel recycling, you position yourself to profit from the increased demand for these services, unlocking substantial returns on your investment.

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Our Mission

To help the world by dismantling and recycling end of life vessels in a safe and responsible way for human and for the global environment. By responsible dismantling and recycling we avoid pollution for the environment and create a safe atmosphere for our employees. Because the world deserves much better than vessels to be cut on beaches and open seas which is a huge treat for our future generations.

The World Deserves Pollution Free
Ship Recycling

The Competition

China and Turkey are the two other main destinations for end-of life ships. Facilities operating in the rest of the world account for only 3% of ships scrapped globally every year. In some yards located in these countries, even though safer and cleaner ship recycling methods are used, concerns related to poor hazardous waste management and breaches of labor rights exist.

Why Choose Wreckdock
for Investing in Recycling?

Extensive Industry Knowledge
At Wreckdock, we possess deep expertise in the maritime industry, allowing us to identify promising opportunities and guide investors towards the most profitable ventures. With our team of experienced professionals, we ensure that your vessel recycling investments are well-informed and optimized for success.


Rigorous Due Diligence
Our commitment to investor satisfaction is unwavering. We conduct meticulous due diligence on each vessel recycling project to assess its financial viability, environmental compliance, and risk factors. Rest assured that your investments will be placed in reliable and vetted opportunities.


Investor Support and Guidance
We believe in building lasting relationships with our investors. At Wreckdock, our dedicated team is readily available to provide you with ongoing support, answer your queries, and keep you informed about the progress of your investments. Your success is our priority.


Diversify your investment portfolio, support sustainability, and capitalize on the global demand for vessel recycling by partnering with Wreckdeock. Join us in reshaping the future of investment opportunities as we navigate the exciting and profitable world of vessel recycling. Contact us today to embark on a sustainable investment journey like no other.

Our Solution

Wreckdock is developing a safe and ecologic friendly facility located in Saudi Arabia in the commercial port of Al Jubayl. Based on the construction of 4 dry docks of 350 meter each surrounded with 8 quays where we can use heavy duty cranes, magnets, and other machinery tools in the most safe way possible.

After dismantling we follow the strict rules and regulations to recycle all the raw materials and to trade them to our suppliers for a new life. To realise this new facility we give early stage investors the possibility to invest in this world changing ERA in the Vessel Dismantling and Recycling Industry. Why? Because the world deserves much better than vessels to be cut on beaches and open seas.

By responsible waste management programs, we can protect the environment from the pollution of oil, gasoline, and other chemical and ecologic unfriendly materials with a risk for the environment and stop the unresponsible dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vessels on beaches in Asia. At the end of the day all the oceans are connected and by using the beach and the ocean for dismantling vessels, the results for the Eco life are extremely negative. We expect to dismantle and recycle 48 end-of-life vessels annually in our facility.

Discover the countless possibilities that await you as you contribute to the sustainable and responsible disposal of end-of-life seagoing vessels.

Wreckdock Vessel Recycling 20231001.jpeg

Your Opportunity Today

Wreckdock is offering an early investment round of discounted shares for early stage investors.
This is an exciting opportunity for you to personally get involved and participate by supporting this world class venture before the company goes public on the stock exchange.

Secure your financial future with a minimum investment of $250,000 USD and enjoy a lucrative 12% annual return over a duration of 3 years. Discover the countless possibilities that await you as you contribute to the sustainable and responsible disposal of end-of-life seagoing vessels. Invest in recycling today and reap the rewards of this thriving sector.

Investment Details
To participate in this exceptional investment opportunity, we require a minimum investment of $250,000. Over the 3-year duration of the agreement, investors will receive a competitive annual return of 12% on their investment. At the end of the agreement term, your initial capital is guaranteed, providing you with added security.

Transparency and Accountability
Wreckdock prides itself on maintaining transparency, accountability, and open communication with our investors. Regular updates, comprehensive investment reports, and access to our dedicated investor relations team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Join Wreckdock Today
To become a part of this exclusive investment opportunity, please reach out to our dedicated investor relations team. They will guide you through the onboarding process, address any questions or concerns you may have, and provide you with detailed information about Wreckdock's investment opportunity.

While Wreckdock Vessel Recycling strives to provide a secure and lucrative investment opportunity, it's essential to acknowledge that investing in the maritime recycling industry carries inherent risks. We encourage you to thoroughly review our offering memorandum, loan agreement, risk disclosures, and terms and conditions before making any investment decisions.

Invest with confidence as Wreckdock safeguards your capital while 
maximizing your growth potential!

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