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Vessel Dismantling

We buy end-of-life seagoing vessels from shipping companies and ship owners. After we became the new owners, we dismantle and recycle them by in a responsible way in our new modern facility. 

Wreckdock competes with competitors who facilitate dirty and dangerous practices, such as dumping decommissioned ships on the beaches of developing countries.

Wreckdock's commitment to finding sustainable decommissioning solutions is based on respect for human rights, workers' rights and the principles of global ecology. We are a commercial company and financially driven, but with a clear vision when it comes to the safety of people and the environment.

Oil Tankers

The dismantling and recycling of oil tankers is accompanied by a specialist approach in which specific waste management methods developed by Wreckdock are used to prevent danger to people and the environment.

Cargo Carriers

Cargo Ships are sectionally dismantled by Wreckdock in its own dry dock in accordance with strict international regulations for people and the environment.

Gas Tankers

LPG/LNG Tankers are specific ships with extreme safety requirements for dismantling. Wreckdock focuses specifically on specialist dismantling of these vessels in a specific dry dock developed for LPG/LNG Tankers.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships, like LPG/LNG Tankers, are a specific specialization and are therefore dismantled by Wreckdock and recycled in their own dry dock up to 500 meters long.

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