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The world deserves sustainable vessel recycling



Welcome to Wreckdock, your sustainable solution for end-of-life maritime assets. Wreckdock Vessel Recycling is a leading company in the maritime industry, specializing in the safe and environmentally responsible dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vessels.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Wreckdock employs cutting-edge technologies and adheres to the highest industry standards to ensure that the recycling process minimizes impact on the environment. Our brand new recycling facility development to be ready in 2025 is designed to provide clean, safe and equitable practices for the dismantling and recycling of ships and offshore assets. 

We take pride in our commitment to operating in a safe and responsible manner and being a catalyst for change in the industry. Our goal is to advocate for clean, safe and equitable global ship recycling practices, while providing our workers with decent jobs. 

Unlike our competitors who facilitate dirty and dangerous practices, such as dumping decommissioned ships on the beaches, we ensure a toxic-free environment and eliminate any harm to workers, local communities or the environment. 

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The ability to handle hazardous or oily waste and to protect basic labor rights are essential requirements.




We dismantle Ships to recycle them to clean the world

Waste Management

Waste management is on of the most important elements for us


We recycle ships to avoid pollution for the environment


All parts we dismantle are inspected before we can trade them


We believe in sustainable ship recycling and the safeguarding of employees' rights. Currently, two-thirds of the world's decommissioned seagoing vessels are being sold for breaking up on beaches. This practice originated due to convenience, which includes the lack of regulations and infrastructure, exploitative labor practices, and disregard for safety and environmental concerns.

At Wreckdock, we believe in a different approach. We believe in transforming the industry with a focus on safety, environmental sustainability, and employment ethics. Our solution is to recycle decommissioned ships in regions that have the capacity to store and process hazardous waste.

We understand the importance of providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment that encourages their individual growth and development. We have implemented measures that promote their overall well-being by creating a complete compound that caters to their personalities and needs.

By investing in safety, environmental standards, and employee well-being, we hope to set a standard for the ship recycling industry. We invite you to join us on this journey towards sustainable and ethical ship recycling.

Wreckdock Academy


Work safe and secure is especially in the ship recycling industry most important. We train all our employees in all the necessary area's of safety during their operational process including a first aid training course. 


We train our employees in the specialisations of their sections. Every employee will be fully trained and equipped to be sure they can operate in the most safe and secured way during the dismantling of the vessel and the section of the vessel.


Every employee gets the possibility to increase their knowledge by specialise in the direction of interest. After finalising a successful training course they will receive a certificate.

Development New Maritime Recycling Facility

Our facility will be the most advanced in the maritime industry and boasts a range of sustainable technologies. We schedule to launch our grand opening in the 2nd. quarter of 2025. With a $300 million investment, we are committed to building the most sustainable vessel recycling yard in the Middle East. 

But we're not just about environmental responsibility – we care for our employees too! We're proud to provide over 2500 new jobs, along with a sustainable employee compound which includes an training academy, internet cafe, gym, fitness center, supermarket, and healthcare facilities. We believe in investing in our people, and this is just one way we do that. 

At Wreckdock, we aim to be the best vessel recycling facility in the region, which means our focus on quality extends to our workforce. Our management team knows the importance of highly qualified and certified employees, and we're committed to providing comprehensive training to all our team members. 

Choose Wreckdock for your vessel recycling needs, and join us in creating a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

With Wreckdock, you will find the most innovative offshore recycling company that is committed to sustainable recycling and waste management of seagoing vessels. We specialise in the complete dismantling and recycling of vessels up to 350 meters in length and, to accommodate larger vessels, we are constructing a 500-meter dry dock. 

At Wreckdock, we are constantly seeking new sustainable partnerships and innovations in order to optimize our recycling process. We are committed to finding new ways to reuse and convert demolition waste into raw material that can be traded with accredited customers. 

Our services include collection, processing, and reselling of all released materials to local and international markets, along with the trading and supply of steel products, financial buying and selling operations, and international trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and oil. 

Our efforts towards sustainability also extend to our new facility in Saudi Arabia which includes a complete employee compound include a commercial area, healthcare, sport and recreation facilities.
We strive to create a carbon-neutral and eco-friendly operation.

We are inviting private equity funds and institutional investors to invest in the revolutionary vessel recycling facility, located in Saudi Arabia, and be a part of the future of sustainable maritime offshore recycling.

Contact us for more information about Wreckdock and investment opportunities.

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There is never an excuse for not improving an industry. Certainly not when it comes to making the world in which we all live cleaner, safer and better.”


Wreckdock Group provides products and services in many countries, taking into account applicable laws, regulations and good practice standards. Our values ​​and code of conduct are the foundation of what is needed to ensure compliance with applicable rules. Following our own code of conduct is the guarantee of a sound conduct, both internally towards our employees and externally towards all our relations.

Wreckdock Group does not tolerate bribery, corruption, fraud, violations of trade sanctions, anti-money laundering or anti-competition laws, or any other illegal or unethical conduct by anyone working for or on behalf of the company.

We are happy to answer further questions. Contact:

Social Responsibility

Partnering for Positive Change in Nigeria

At Wreckdock, we are proud to announce our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the communities we serve. It is with great pleasure that we share our annual pledge to donate 1% of our profits to the High Chief Erwin Jager Humanitarian Charity Organization.

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Head Office
Wreckdock Group

71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden 
London United Kingdom

Development Department KSA
Al Jubail Commercial Sea Port,
Jubail City Center, Al Jubayl
35515, Saudi Arabia


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To apply for a job with Wreckdock, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: or click on the button below for more information.

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